Message From Principal

Pushpa Ghimire

Dear parents/guardians and students,

It emits me a stupendous and prodigious pleasure to tell you about untiring efforts put in by Glorious College in imparting knowledge to the young, energetic, eager and enthusiastic students through formal education of national and international standard so as to prepare them be able to face the new challenges of the advanced 21st century.

Excellence is what Glorious aims at, and the outstanding performances/executions of our students in successive years. I have been the utmost evidence to this. Apprehending/Penetrating the fact that the overall development of an individual and of any nation solely depends upon education, we at Glorious, instigate/ stimulate the impetuous/ yearning/desirous students to prepare diligently, study purposefully and work productively so that they can be well prepared and competent professionals in their destined fields.

The high quality education, affordable fees, accessibility, good managerial board, sound administration, painstaking and supportive lecturers, well-equipped laboratories, a library with ample of text books & reference books, transportation facilities, hygienic cafeteria and peaceful as well as inducing college environment are few of the features of Glorious, where your future can be carved as your family, your society, your nation and even the world yearn for.

Glorious was is and will always remain committed to translate the dreams of all our students, parents and guardians into reality.

Thank you